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I'm Odyssey!


I'm not only just an Artist

and a Website Designer, but I am also a very proud cat mom.

"I find myself practicing escapism whenever I am anywhere, but my art studio. Art has, and always will be, a very big and important part of my life.

I enjoy using different styles of lines, shapes, patterns, and colors in almost all of my artworks.

I began to find the real beauty within that had been surrounding me.

My intentions as an Artist, is to help those who struggle with not being able to see all of the eccentric beauty that lies within

some of our most mundane settings, especially our clockwork ones.

 For any of us to have a clearly conscious understanding of all of the beauty that is lying within our outside world,

we must first take a deep look within ourselves in order to truly understand and appreciate actual beauty.

So go ahead and ask yourself:

What is it about YOU that makes you so beautiful?

Artists from all around the world are continuously finding new and innovative ways in connecting us all to one another through their art, and I expect to do just that with my art as well. 

It's been an honor being able to embark 

on this Odyssey with you, and I am just beyond grateful to any of you for taking your time in getting to know me a little bit more and at my artworks too!

Thank you & May God Bless You!"

 -                 2023

The Death of Socrates

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